Board Message

VPPPA Board of Directors

In retrospect, the VPPPA Region VII began like many other Regions; small beginnings with very few VPP sites. However, throughout the years the Region has seen substantial growth. The Region was established in 1993 and began hosting annual conferences and local networking opportunities for VPP sites in 1994. With the need to expand exposure, regional conferences have moved from state-to-state in order to allow the membership the opportunity to participate in their home state.

VPPPA Region VII continues to maintain a strong working relationship with local agency officials representing the DOE, federal OSHA and OSHA state-plan offices.


Region VII is unique in that it is made up of the “Heart Land” (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska). There is quite a diversity in the VPP sites; everything from the first VPP day care and food service facilities in the nation to various industrial facilities.

Through the years, the mentoring program has increased substantially as well. Currently there are numerous companies either being mentored or looking for mentoring. This is a direct reflection of the growth in Region VII.

A $5000 Annual Scholarship Award was established in 2009 with the first recipient being chosen from 60 applicants respectively. The Region VII BOD is potentially looking to expanding the number of scholarship opportunities as time progresses. The Region has also seen unprecedented increase in membership participation. Fortunately, many companies within the Region have allowed their employees to volunteer supporting numerous activities, such as memberships, conference planning, educational workshops, SGE participation, mentoring, along with many other opportunities to assist in the growth and success of Region VII.

As you may have noticed, the VPPPA Region VII has evolved from it’s infancy to a very viable and respectable entity. With the support of VPPPA members regionally and nationally, we as a Board of Directors strive to represent our Region with great pride, diligence and ethical standards. With this foundation and support in place, the VPPPA Region VII is confident that it will experience continued success and growth.

Bill Turner
VPPPA Region VII Board of Directors