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U.S. Department of Labor Sets Guidelines For VPP Incentive Programs
(April 22nd, 2011)

The enclosed document clarifies policy and procedure guidelines for the review and evaluation of safety and health incentive programs at VPP applicant and participant worksites. Please review the attached memo from Assistant Secretary David Michaels clarifying OSHA’s position on incentive programs at VPP sites. This policy is effective immediately as of April 22nd, 2011. To review the entire memorandum, please go to this link .

Addiction, Heart Disease, and Stroke

Drug and alcohol addiction have serious negative health consequences on all of the body’s organs including the heart and brain. There is a direct connection between drug abuse and irregular heartbeat, collapsed veins, bacterial infections, cardiovascular distress, heart attack, and stroke. For more information on this and other related matters, go to the

January is National Radon Action Month

The EPA has designated January as National Radon Action Month. Learn more about the national effort to take action against radon, the health concerns in association with radon exposure and what you can do to eliminate these exposures by visiting the Environmental Protection Agency’s website’s radon link.

February is American Heart Month.

Go to the American Heart Association’s website for more information.

June is National Safety Month!

Go to the National Safety Council website for promotional and informational ideas you may use at your facilities.

Bringing Workplace Safety & Health Home

During National Preparedness Month (September), the Home Safety Council offers advice and and resources to help families prepare for emergencies.